December is upon us and that only means winter break is slowly approaching. For some of us that means time to relax and enjoy the time off. For others that means you have a few weeks of having your children home and having to come up with activities to do on top of all of the holiday planning and gathering. Check out our handy winter break guide for a list of a few fun activities to keep your children entertained while also having some down time.

Indoor Movie Fort
This should buy you a few hours while they are enjoying a movie. This is a great activity for all ages. You can provide them with sheets, pillows, blankets etc. and let them use their imagination to go wild! Let them pick their favorite movie, hand them some goodies and you’ve got a few hours to do whatever you need to before they are done their movie!

Treasure Hunt
This requires a bit of work beforehand but it will keep your children pre-occupied and it’s a great indoor activity. Kids LOVE to find hidden objects, it often doesn’t matter what it is hidden, even if it is their toys! Hand each of your children a clue to the first spot and voila! You are done for the time being and they are off trying to find the next clue. Make it fun by handing out homemade ribbons for each child who participated. They are easy to make and a great way to end a great treasure hunt.

Indoor Bowling
Do you have leftover shampoo bottles? Leftover water bottles? Great, you’ve got exactly what you need to make an indoor bowling game! Line up 6 bottles and hand your children a indoor friendly ball and they’re off. The trick to this one is making this a “basement” or “bedroom” activity so you still can get your stuff done without a bowling ball flying into the kitchen every two minutes.

There you have it! Indoor and child friendly activities to help you survive the winter break this year. Enjoy the winter break this year. From the Kamloops Powerhouse Real Estate Team, Happy Holidays!