With another beautiful weekend on the horizon and the temperature steadily rising in Kamloops there is no better time to begin to get out and enjoy our stunning city. We’ve compiled some of our top picks for hikes and trails around the area that are sure to get you out enjoying what Kamloops has to offer. 

Cinnamon Ridge Hoodoos

A short drive from Kamloops City, the Cinnamon Ridge Hoodoos make for a perfect and rewarding weekend hike. The hike is sure to please, with local flora and fauna and California Big Horn Sheep a usual sight. The hike itself is structured around volcanic rocks that erupted approximately 50 million years ago - so it is most definitely a unique choice! While Cinnamon Ridge is a hike to remember, be sure to stay on track as the path off track can be slippery and also contains plenty of sneaky cacti - so keep an eye on your dogs if you do tackle this trail! With views, history, and plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife and local fauna, Cinnamon Ridge is a great weekend choice. 


The Rivers Trail

If you’re looking for a leisurely walk for the whole family, or simply want to take your time to soak up the beauty Downtown Kamloops has to offer, The Rivers Trail has you covered. Winding you along the edge of the Thompson River, the trail is located right downtown and stretches down to Pioneer Park. The Rivers Trail is a perfect adventure for the whole family, with paved paths and scenic spots the whole walk it will be sure to give a special insight into Kamloops and the Thompson that can only be gained on foot!


Paul Lake Provincial Park

While only a short commute from Kamloops, Paul Lake Provincial Park offers scenes that are set apart from the usual grasslands our town is known for. Surrounded by Douglas-fir, pine and aspen trees these trails offer often well-needed shade and beautiful views while you wander the various trails the park has to offer. With trails leading down to the lakeshore, through the trees, and even up to Gibraltar Rock, this Provincial Park has a trail for everybody - and picnic spots galore! A 25 minute drive from the Yellowhead turn-off makes it the perfect destination to beat the hot Kamloops sun on one of our many beautiful weekends!


Kamloops certainly is at no shortage of scenic spots, and we hope sharing some of our favourites can add to your own summer bucket lists! Be sure to let us know if you check any out this weekend!